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What we do

We have  provided vital equipment to the hospital every year since 1954. In the past year, The League of Friends was responsible for the following equipment:


  • Maternity breast pumps x3
  • Naso endoscope ENT O/Pats x 2
  • Naso endoscope out of hours ENT
  • Resuscitaire Maternity
  • Recliner chairs for discharge lounge
  • Multi-handed care equipment


  • Support for the Diabetes Project
  • Provision of televisions in all rooms   £340,000
  • Wifi provision
  • Christmas extras for all wards


  • Falls prevention alarms in patient   wards
  • Insulin pumps
  • Bladder scanner with trolley A & E
  • Telemetry Equipment Maternity
  • Donation to Hospital Radio
  • Safe sides Paediatrics
  • Vital signs monitor


We rely on donations and your support is vital to us. There are many ways you can support us.

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